Sevi Wooden Clown Letters

A beautiful range of letters from Italian toymaker Sevi who were established in 1831.  This makes Sevi the oldest wooden, toy manufacturers in Europe.  These letters are hand-crafted and hand-painted in wood and non toxic paint.  Each one features a fun and smiley clown character.

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Sevi Wooden Alphabet Letters - Clowns

Please find listed, in this section, our beautiful range of wooden letters from Sevi's Clown range.&..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter A

These brightly-coloured and fun-filled clown letters from Italian toymaker Sevi, would look great on..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter B

Spell out a child's name with these brightly-coloured, cheerful clown characters.  They can be ..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter C

Great for decorating a bedroom door, wardrobe or toybox, these colourful, wooden letters are easily ..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter D

These happy clown letters are a wonderful way to personalise a child's bedroom.  Sure to put a ..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter E

These charming clown letters are a fun way to help a child to learn the letters in his or her name.&..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter F

Personalise a bedroom, cupboard or toybox with these bright and cheerful clown letters from Sevi, Eu..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter G

These hand-painted, wooden letters are a great way to add personality and colour to a child's bedroo..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter H

H is for happy and these colourful, clown letters are certainly that.  They are a great way to ..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter I

Introduce a child to capital letters with these smiling clown characters.  Use them to label a ..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter J

Who can resist these charming, clown letters from Italian toymaker Sevi.  They can give be used..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter K

These cheerful letters come from Italian toymaker Sevi, the oldest wooden toy manufacturer in Europe..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter L

A smiley clown decorates the letter L in this alphabet range.  Available in red, yellow or oran..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter M

What child wouldn't love to see his or her name spelled out with these bright and lovable, clown cha..


Sevi Wooden Clown Letter N

A happy, smile decorates the faces on this alphabet range from Italian, toymaker Sevi.  They lo..