George Luck

George Luck puzzles are precision cut to form inventive single level or multi-layer wooden puzzles.  The intriguing subjects are beautifully coloured using eco-friendly, water-based paints.  George Luck puzzles were first designed in the 1970s and are still hugely popular today.  They are great for engaging the imaginations of small children whilst encouraging the development of their spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

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George Luck - Amazing Animal Alphabet Puzzle

This colourful, wooden puzzle features an attractively illustrated animal for each letter of the alp..


George Luck - Asian Animals

Young children will enjoy the challenge of this high-quality, layered, wooden puzzle.  Can they..


George Luck - Cats Puzzle

This unique, wooden layering puzzle features 6 cats, beautifully painted in eco-friendly, water-base..


George Luck - Five Buses Puzzle

This high-quality, wooden, layer puzzle is perfect for engaging small children.  Beautifully pa..


George Luck - Five Cats

This meticulously-cut wooden, layer puzzle is perfect for engaging small children.  It is gorge..


George Luck - Grasslands Puzzle

This imaginative puzzle features 5 animals waiting patiently at the waterhole.  It has been pre..


George Luck - Rainbow Duck

This is another beautiful, wooden puzzle from George Luck which depicts the relationship between mot..


George Luck - Rainbow Elephant and Baby

This is a beautiful, wooden puzzle which is perfect for engaging young minds and imaginations. ..


George Luck - Sports Car Puzzle

Giraffe and crocodile (or is it an alligator - you decide) are out for a drive in their beautiful, r..