This charming, cuddly kitten comes from Bukowski Bears of Sweden.  He has been created in a sup..
Tito the Turtle has a happy smile and a shell filled with green water, which rolls and twirls as he ..
Buddy is a beautifully soft puppy made from honey-coloured plush fur by Bukowski Bears.  Buddy ..
This cheerful, wooden, caterpillar toy helps to stimulate early walking.  The colourful sunflow..
Young children will enjoy the challenge of this high-quality, layered, wooden puzzle.  Can they..
This magnetic measuring tree makes it easy to measure your growing kids. Just stick the magnetic bir..
Theodore is a gorgeous, super soft teddy, from Bukowski Bears, with shiny black eyes and a grey, emb..
Lex the fox is now mobile! This cute toy will help babies practise gripping and develop motor skills..
These lovely teddies, from Bukowski Bears, are dressed for their wedding day.  The beautiful br..
Ziggy is a  sweet, little, bean bag, baby comforter in lovely soft fabric from Bukowski Bears.&..
Olivia the rag doll has 2 auburn plaits around a lovely smiling face.  She is very soft and sup..
Lais is a lovely, soft, rag doll with dark braided hair and an ever-smiling face. She has a velcro l..
This musical jewellery box is a perfect gift for little girls.  Wind it up at the back, open th..
They say that elephants never forget and the one on the front of this alarm clock will remember when..
This alarm clock features a vintage race car illustration on its face.  It is decorative, funct..