This charming, cuddly kitten comes from Bukowski Design AB of Sweden.  He has been created in a..
These cute, little rabbits come from Bukowski Design AB of Sweden.  They have been created in a..
These lovely bears are dressed for their wedding day.  The beautiful bride is made from soft, w..
Kiara and Hugo are getting married and are beautifully dressed for the big day.  Hugo has honey..
Ivo is a lovely, soft, baby comforter designed by Bukowski Design of Sweden.  He has a teddy be..
A choice of 2 lovely guardian angel teddy bears.  Each bear is made from very soft plush fur an..
Jacob is a super soft comforter with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth.  Choose from Jacob edged..
There are lots of opportunities for talk and interaction in this puzzle from Hape.  Children ca..
Children can learn about the different farmyard animals with the happy, little characters in this pu..
This colourful peg puzzle from Hape encourages children to learn about the different kinds of vehicl..
This ABC Matching Puzzle from Hape gives children lots of opportunities to learn letter sounds and c..
Make learning the alphabet fun with this colourful puzzle from Hape.  Match the puzzle pieces b..