About Us

Welcome to Penny Bobbin Toys and Gifts.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the ranges of toys and gifts which make up our product collection.  We have certainly enjoyed selecting them.  

Each section has its own story.  The Furry Friends category includes beautifully-designed, soft toys from the Swedish manufacturer, Bukowski Design.  We first saw their products in Poland and, were "blown away" by their characterful faces and the diversity of the designs.  A lovely feature is that each of the bears is based on a real person.

The memories we have from childhood often include fondly remembered toys – the battered teddy bear or train set.  Some of these are even passed down to our children.  The youngest member of our family has inherited a wooden car which was bought for her father when he was a toddler.  It is so well built that she can ride ride around on it and is never short of willing volunteers to push.  It is this image which helps us to choose which toys to include.

Play is essential for children’s development and the Traditional Toys and Little Learner Toys sections feature sturdy toys to help fire imaginations, build essential skills, develop empathy and co-operation and very importantly – enjoy!

The toys on the website have all been chosen with quality, safety and value for money at the heart of the selection.

We have also included a selection of gifts to enjoy giving to some of the special people in your life.

As a new business we welcome suggestions and reviews from our customers.

Best wishes